What is a Ladder Assist? Ladder Assist is the process by which a roof inspector performs an insurance company's object inspection on steep and/or two-story roof systems. The Ladder Assistant will provide detailed damage observations and evidence for insurance professionals to provide them with a quote for necessary repairs. The ladder assist technician role is a third-party one and does not make decisions based on the policyholder's coverage.
Roof slope


No matter if you are a seasoned adjuster who just doesn’t want to take the risk of a climbing roof anymore, a busy adjuster who just doesn’t have the time it takes to climb 20 plus roof in a day, or a new adjuster who isn’t ready to invest in costly tools or equipment need to climb a roof we can help!

You still may be asking yourself do I really need a Ladder Assist. The truth is roofing systems have evolved and the days of small one-level homes are no more. The majority of the homes are two stories, which makes their roofing systems large and complex. These complex roofing systems can be steep, slanted, and multi-level systems each requiring special tools and hardware to access them. In addition to tools, if you don’t have the physical and psychological make-up to climb a roof, you will not able to properly assess a client’s property damage claim.


Roofing inspector
We have been in the roofing business for over 20 years and can provide quality adjusting claims services. We work with all major insurance companies, insurance carriers, and catastrophic adjusting companies by providing ladder assists on residential and commercial property losses. We know what you need to know in order to resolve an insurer’s property claim.   We also provide re-inspections services and services to engineering firms as needed. We provide access to 2 and 3 story roofs for the adjuster or engineer who does not transport the larger ladders.  We are professional, accurate and provide documentation for the adjuster when a ladder assist is needed.
Roof and harness

Rope & Harness Inspection:  We can do a full inspection or meet the adjuster on sight, scope the damages, take all photos, and communicate all damages to the adjuster and or provide a complete report of damages.

Emergency Tarping:  We will provide the tarp and services, we can remove existing tarps for inspection and replace them as needed.


The information received during the review is always sent directly to the claim handler so that the coverage can be accurately assessed. We provide a detailed evaluation and documentation so you the adjuster can call and explain the results confidently to the client. We work strictly as independent parties, gather information, and provide support at all levels of need. The insurance agent provides all background information to assess losses and report observations. Contact us today for a free quote!

*Pricing Starting at:

$100 Ladder assistance with images only
With Full Detailed Report $150
Santa Maria Area

$150 Ladder assistance with images
With Full Detailed Report $200
Lompoc Area

$150 Ladder assistance with images
With Full Detailed Report  $200
Santa Ynez Area

$250 Ladder assistance with images
With Full Detailed Report $300
Santa Barbara Area

$250 Ladder assistance with images
With Full Detailed Report $300
San Luis Obispo Area

*Additional fee may apply for 2 and 3 story roofing structures. Call today for a free quote.