Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust an Exterminator with Your Roof Repairs!

Termites are every homeowner’s worse nightmare. Termites infest your home causing thousands of dollars in damage that you often don't notice until it's too late. Termite damage can cost the average homeowner at least $4,500 in damage when caught early. Unfortunately, most termite damage is not covered by homeowners insurance leaving the home-owner on the hook for the whole bill. 
Termite roof damage

The problem with this invisible pest is that you don't notice them until they have already caused major damage to your home or property. Termites can ruin the foundation and the underlying structure of your home leaving all that relays on your home’s structure in a weakened state. This includes the deck of your roof!
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Your roof’s deck is the unnoticed hero of your roofing structure. Its job is to support the weight of your roofing tiles and with the help of your underlayment retain its watertight integrity through all types of weather, including high winds and wind-driven rain. Depending on what tiles you have and the size of your roof, the weight of some tiles can weigh thousands of pounds. That’s a lot of weight and your deck needs to be in top shape to do its job.

The vast majority of roofs decks are made of wood and which is a termite’s favorite meal. When your roofs deck is comprised as a result of termite damage immediate repairs all almost always needed. Most often this damage is discovered by your exterminator and can come as a complete surprise to most homeowners who didn’t even know they had termites. 
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Don't make this costly mistake!

You have termite roof damage now what? Most exterminators will offer to repair the damaged spots they see by replacing small sections of your roofing deck. Why is this bad? Often times with termites there are multiple spots of damage that are only visible if you remove the roofing tiles and do a full roof inspection. This is something only a roofing experts should do because they are trained to do this properly and spot signs of damage.

A full inspection by a roofing expert can find and truly assess ALL the damage that has been caused by termites.

Termite damage can result in
  • Loose roof tiles or shingles. 
  • Bubbling and discolorations similar to water damage on your ceilings.
  • Any areas of buckling or sagging in your ceilings.
  • Roof Leaks
  • Missing or damaged underlayment

Calling a roofing expert can be cheaper!

We know, you just found out you have a termite infestation and the last thing you want to do is call a roofer. You think it would just be cheaper to let the exterminator patch fix the problem right?  Wrong! Without truly finding out how much damage was done to your roof, cheap patches can actually cost you thousands later in roof repair.

Roof damage causes leaks which can lead to a number of costly fixes like:

Damaged Ceilings and Attics. ...
Insulation Damage. ...
Mold and Mildew. ...
Sagging Drywall. ...
Fire Hazards. ...
Slip Hazards. ...
Energy Inefficiency. ...
Compromised Structure.

Your home is a huge investment and trying to save a penny today could cost you thousands tomorrow!

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